Nov. 4-6, 2024 | Charleston, SC

The C-Store Women’s Event (CSW) is an innovative conference meticulously curated to empower and foster the growth of women within the convenience store industry. Over two days, participants will engage in a dynamic event that blends career development education, collaborative problem-solving, networking opportunities, and immersive experiences aimed at instilling confidence and imparting practical strategies for sustained success. Unlike traditional awards or social retreats, CSW is a comprehensive women’s leadership program that extends its impact year-round through eight-person teams that convene regularly. Join us in driving positive change within the industry and collectively making a lasting impact.
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C-Store Women (CSW) is a thoroughly curated year-long program committed to making waves in the c-store industry. The goal is to increase the number of female leaders in our industry through education, Power Teams, and communication to the industry. Demonstrate your commitment to empowering women by supporting initiatives that train and elevate females within your company and the industry as a whole.

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Who is invited?

CSW is not just for the c-suite or just women alone, it is for anyone in your organization who has leadership potential and wants to learn how to grow in their careers. We encourage both men and women to participate and support each other to attend. Two people from an organization must commit to attend—one leader and one upcoming manager star, and one person must be a woman. It is important that both representatives are committed to driving real impact and supporting others to change the face of leadership. 

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