Nov. 8-10, 2023 | Napa Valley, CA

Share. Support. Shift.
C-Store Women’s Event (CSW) is a brand new, thoughtfully crafted conference designed with the intent to empower and develop women in the c-store industry. This two-day, highly interactive event will combine career development education, problem-solving, networking, and experiences designed to build confidence and learn how to use real strategies to get, and stay, ahead. This is not just an award or a social retreat, it’s a true women’s leadership program that lasts year-round through eight person teams that meet throughout the year. Let’s make positive change in the industry together.
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Be a part of the change! CSW is the only event in convenience that demands actual change. Show your support to empower women, all while training and promoting females in your company and industry.

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Who is invited?

CSW is not just for the c-suite or just women alone, it is for anyone in your organization who has leadership potential and wants to learn how to grow in their careers. We encourage both men and women to participate and support each other to attend. Two people from an organization must commit to attend—one leader and one upcoming manager star, and one person must be a woman. It is important that both representatives are committed to driving real impact and supporting others to change the face of leadership. 

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